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Whether you are stopped in traffic and failed to present proof of auto insurance, or your insurance company notified the department about your policy cancellation, the three-month supsension takes immediate effect, and it can cost as much as 6 in total to restore your license and registration after the suspension is up.The registration plate, sticker, card and driver’s license must be surrendered to the Penn DOT during the suspension period.The total number of drone incidents reported in 2014 was 238. With hundreds of thousands of drone sales expected over the Christmas holiday, the FAA is clearly concerned about the potential for even more incidents in 2016.As we’ve covered before, the risks of drone ingestion and the subsequent aircraft damage that could occur is no laughing matter.That being said, we still recommend bringing cash and/or a card with you as a few food vendors, roaming food/drink carts, and craft merchants might not accept cashless. Specific locations will be notated in the Bonnaroo mobile app.

If you fail to present valid proof of active insurance when requested by law enforcement, such as at traffic stops or at the scene of the accident, you will be fined for driving without insurance.For months, the drone industry has been waiting to see what the FAA’s registration requirements for unmanned aircraft (UAS, or what we typically call “drones”) would be, as well as how much they’d cost.The FAA has finally released its drone registration plan, and the organization appears to have taken several steps to ensure registration is relatively easy and painless.The penalty for not registering, on the other hand, is anything but. All owners of drones weighing more than 0.55 lbs when fully loaded must register the device with the FAA.Those who purchased a drone prior to December 21, 2015 must register by February 19, 2016, even if the drone has previously flown while unregistered.State law requires you to carry the following amounts of medical benefits and liability insurance: a minimum of ,000 for medical benefits, a minimum of ,000 for bodily injury per person, ,000 bodily injury per accident and ,000 property damage.If the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation (Penn DOT) ever determines that you operated your vehicle without the required insurance, you’re at risk of losing your driving privileges and having your registration suspended.Upon registering, the aircraft owner will receive a certificate of registration, which must then be affixed to the aircraft.The FAA is implementing these rules relatively quickly based on the rapid rise of drones and increasing interference with other vehicles.I’ve taken on several clients in the last year who have existing sites on Go Daddy because I didn’t find out until it was too late, or because I liked them and/or had a personal interest in their project or mission.So I’ve had several occasions in the past year to confirm that no, it’s not my imagination, Go Daddy really sucks.

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