Accommodating students with special needs

Those four areas include: Overall, this may seem like a lot of questions to ask yourself to ensure that all students have maximized learning opportunities.However, once you get into the habit of this type of reflection as you plan each learning experience, you will soon be a pro at ensuring the inclusional classroom works as best as it can to meet your diverse group of students which are found in most classrooms today.

An idea teachers must understand is that students with special needs such as learning disabilities need to be taught differently or need some accommodations to enhance the learning environment.

We’ve compiled a list of tips and resources to help you be as effective as you can with your students.

An inclusive classroom is staffed with a regular education teacher and a special education teacher.

Teachers take existing lesson plans and provide either accommodations or modifications to enable the student with special education to have optimum success.

This tip sheet will focus on four areas where one can make special accommodations to support students with special needs students in the inclusive classroom.

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