Accommodating style of conflict

The most widely used tool for this is a conflict style inventory, typically a short questionnaire filled out by a user, with interpretation of the scores given in writing or by an instructor. Print Experiencing Intercultural Communication Craig, Grace and Dunn, Wendy. The point is not to categorize the user, but rather to give him or her a framework in which to assess responses and options. For example, a business that requires formal dress may institute a "casual Friday" policy as a low-stakes means of keeping the peace with the rank and file.

With a basic understanding of the five conflict management strategies, small business owners can better deal with conflicts before they escalate beyond repair.

The accommodating strategy essentially entails giving the opposing side what it wants.

The use of accommodation often occurs when one of the parties wishes to keep the peace or perceives the issue as minor.

Don't abandon conflict; pursue it to resolution "4.

An African martyr's statement on commitment Mission trip fund raising10 ways to ruin mission trips Nazarene Missions International resource pages Tweet "1. Don't exaggerate conflict; solve it with the least possible publicity and public scrutiny "3.

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