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Picturesque national parks, a good climate, sandy coasts and even beautiful women! Perhaps it’s due to the large majority of mixed Albania women.Albania women are usually a mix of Greek, Turkish, Roman and Slavic, which explains their exotic looks.He WILL make a decision just be prepared to tell him where to go if he starts his control strong I am new to this site but I totally agree with the response given. I was so miserable from the time that i found out that the guy i am dating has a family already and we were dating for 2 years and i had no clue until recently he told me that he has a son.What killed me is that he claims that he is not marry but will be living with the her coz of his son and he swears that he loves me.i've believed him for the longest time.Older Albanians speak Italian so if you speak a little of that language you can communicate.A few words of Albanian go a long way to impressing people here so study some basic words before you come. Although there are a lot of Muslims, I rarely saw women wearing burkas, and if you didn't tell me that 60% of the population is Muslim I wouldn't have guessed. I found the place to be clean and organized despite it's history.Not only will you get to enjoy the company of a beautiful Albanian woman, you will get to try the delicious food that Albania has to offer! Moreover, if religion is important for you, then Albanian girls dating might just be perfect for you.In Albania, Greek Orthodoxy, Islam and Roman Catholicism are mainly followed.

If you’re lucky enough to go on a date with an Albanian girl then be sure to try out a local restaurant if possible.

Girls are very pretty and open to meeting foreigners.

I found the level of English here to be decent amongst younger people.

If you're looking for a cheap place in Europe to go on a flagging mission I would consider Tirana.

It's a city that wants to be European, but is still recovering from it's communist past and has that developing country rough around the edges feel to it.

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