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The next two people I got to meet, or rather see, were Chris Violette and Alycia Purrott. They gave me good answers, and I felt funny cause Chris stared at me pretty intensely the entire time they were answering the question.

I asked about how they felt about the first female Red Ranger ever being a MINOR character instead of a major one.

From the very first Power Rangers convention, Power Morphicon, comes the second Power Rangers SPD panel!

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During the course of the strip, a running sub-plot involving a rogue Krybot who had become self-aware and rebelled against Grumm gradually unfolded, he would resurface to warn SPD of Grumm's invasion attempt in the final story and supply Jack with a device that once inserted on the Terror, would incapacitate the Krybot fleet.

Unlike "Endings", Jack does not leave the team, in another change, the Rangers do not decline the position of A-Squad (in the season, the rank of A-Squad was discarded in light of the previous team tarnishing it with their treacherous ways).

He loses temper almost completely once Jack and Bridge are granted sleek, new Patrol Cycles. C, Syd returns the favor by taking the robotic dog to Bridge for repairs. While the others assume they have their man, an unconvinced Bridge requests to perform his own investigation.

Gruumm feels its pull, wants it, and sends Drakel the Vampiranoid to get it, but a very old yet capable alien bookshop owner guards it.

Meanwhile, the Rangers collectively feel they can take it quite a bit easier now that the Shadow Ranger is on hand, but Commander Cruger has a different idea.

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