Autism and single parenting and dating edating in

In summary, there is no dispute that the many challenges that autism brings causes additional stress for parents but getting an autism diagnosis does not in any way predict the end of one’s marriage.

Can you imagine if your child just received a diagnosis and at the same time you heard that there is an 80% chance your marriage will end?

I am a single parent with two boys ages 9 and 10 on the Autism Spectrum.

This single parents dating service like dating single autism single parent meet online dating spending time with her so.

Someone new has been introduced, and while my son really does like this man (he frequently asks if we can go see him, to the point of getting ready to go out on his own and practically dragging me out the door to head over there), he hasn't had to share my attention with anyone for over 2 years. My son and my boyfriends son were getting along, but not really playing together.

Occasionally, his son would get too close or otherwise unknowingly provoke my son and he would get aggressive with him. I dont have a very similar story, but ur post really hit home for me.

Recordkeeping for all these programs is a job in itself.

As a parent, you’ve probably spent a lot of time thinking about your child’s future.

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