Bill rancic dating show

Tuesday, following -- features three bachelors trying to find their soul mate.

"I think what makes it very unique is that there are three renowned matchmakers who went through the submissions for these guys," says Giuliana, who recently landed on 2013 Reality Heat List.“You will see how all these girls, women, ladies are being treated with so much respect and so much care from all of us.We genuinely care for each and every girl that is in this show.” Giuliana Rancic, who is co-hosting “Ready for Love” with her husband, Bill, agrees.Meanwhile,the 36 women who will be vying for their affections were chosen by matchmakers, not producers.Helping the trio of guys find their perfect matches will be matchmaker Amber Kelleher-Andrews, relationship author Tracy Mc Millan and professional dating coach Matthew Hussey.Complete this sentence: “Women who appear on reality dating shows are _____.” Bet you didn’t say “empowered.” Yet the producers of NBC’s new “Ready for Love,” in which professional matchmakers try to find soul mates for a trio of eligible bachelors, insist its show empowers the female contestants as well as the audience.“Once you see the show, you will see that empowerment,” said bachelor Ernesto Arguello at “Ready for Love’s” press tour panel.“I’ve never seen women treated in a better manner on a dating show…It was a little surprising at first because it wasn’t all about putting a girl down to chase the drama or embarrassing women.” “It is a positive show,” added Bill Rancic. It’s a wholesome show, and there’s so much credibility behind it because of the matchmakers.” One of “Ready for Love’s” matchmakers, Tracy Mc Millan, summarized it this way: “It’s empowering because it’s useful information that you can use to change your life right now…empowering is where you’re inspired and you get hope and you see, oh, my goodness, there are possibilities in the world of dating that I haven’t imagined yet.So I think it’s empowering because it gives people hope, and it’s very inspiring, and it’s very useful.” We all win, says bachelor Matt Hussey: “[Viewers will] be able to use it to actually improve their dating life.” And if that doesn’t work, you can always buy a single red rose.Site navigation Login New profile / join Search profiles Galleries of daddies Galleries of admirers Chat / camchat Marketplace / videos News / history Links and resources Contribute!Terms of use About this site Email webmaster / Help Latest logins viennadad age 66 - Austria Excelage 64 - FL, United Statesfred age 58 - TN, United States Saddlehorn54 age 66 - WY, United States Jaykob age 26 - Australiabjwestend age 67 - ON, Canadahelmut age 53 - Thailand If you create a profile you can view these profiles and contact the users!

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