Catholic dating after divorce

Popular belief in today’s society holds that the key to getting over a divorce is to find someone new.

Friends and relatives always had “the perfect person” they wanted to set me up with and went to great lengths to talk me into going on dates.

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There are three keys to what you’ll learn on this fun video training: 1) You’ll discover how you’re blocking instant attraction now... and 3) How to recognize and capitalize on this attraction once it’s there.

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Without going into details, (some of you know the story of my sister) my sister divorced her husband a few years ago.

That means that in the eyes of the church, without an annulment, you’re still married.

And we all know that it’s wrong to date while you’re married.

But what they didn’t understand and I found a difficult time articulating was a new relationship would not be the cure for the massive emptiness I felt from my divorce.

In my opinion, there are three key mistakes people make when dating after a divorce and I would like to help you avoid them.

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