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Other types of debt can range from 15%-25% of disposable earnings.Accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover and Pay Pal cards with rates as low as 1.69%.Pay Anywhere Storefront is more than a way to get paid.Let’s Chat “Credit Line is integrated with Ever Serv QSR to simplify deployment and provide fast payment card processing.It provides secure payment processing and is fully compliant with the latest PCI Guidelines.From our free credit card machine equipment placement program and seamless checkout experience to faster funding and detailed real-time analytics, Pay Anywhere equips your business with the credit card processing and business tools it needs for real success.LEARN MOREThink of Pay Anywhere Inside as your command center - we've got the data and tools you need to manage your business.Share One in ten Americans are having their wages garnished according to Automatic Data Process Inc.Originally reported by MSN T5F While the MSN story is troubling to say the least. Wages can be garnished up to a whopping 60% of a person’s disposable earnings.Certain bankruptcy court orders and Federal or State tax debts have NO RESTRICTIONS!!Before I go thru the specifics of ‘garnishments”, let me preface this by saying I am not an attorney. This article is not intended in anyway to be “in lieu of” obtaining advice from an attorney.

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