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They knocked the front door down and came up through the smoke to get us.Then the fire brigade arrived and put out the flames, which were confined to the utility room but caused £15,000 worth of damage.Claire If you go for Miele their customer service is absolutely fantastic on repairs etc! The cleaner is usually returned within 2-3 working days. An Opti Sense washing system works out how big the load is and adjusts water, energy and so on accordingly. An Opti Sense washing system works out how big the load is and adjusts water, energy and so on accordingly.The two washing machines we've had have cost around 250 and I'm wondering if it would be better to buy an expensive washer dryer in the hope that it lasts longer than 2 years!I like the look of the Miele ones and want to hear from anyone who's got one.

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Just my opinion but I wouldn't have another washer dryer if they were giving it to me for free with a gold bar attached!!!!! We have a vacuum cleaner and when we have rung them they send a box the next day by courier and then send the courier to collect the day after.The Aldi non bio washing concentrated liquid is fab it has won good housekeeper awards it is cheap to at 2 a pop, I also buy Aldi's fabric softner which leaves the clothes smelling lovely, this is about 1.My son also has sensitive skin and he has had no reactions.Even better, it has a steam function, which helps rid the clothes of wrinkles, and some clothes can even be worn straight from the machine.EWF1408WDL, £849, uk LG LG has always been at the cutting edge of innovation with home appliances.The smoke was just too thick to go downstairs.’‘It was all a bit of a blur, and incredibly frightening,’ says Emma, 48, who works at a private hospital and lives in Cheshunt, Hertfordshire.‘I don’t want to dwell on what-ifs, but we could so easily have died.’‘The irony is that my husband is an electrical engineer,’ says Emma.The drum is large (9kg capacity) with a big door for easy access. The drum is large (9kg capacity) with a big door for easy access. L98699FL Pro Tex PLUS, £849, uk Samsung Samsung's washer uses ecobubbles: it injects air at the start of the wash cycle to create a soapy foam.The idea is the soap penetrates deeper, faster even in cold water.This liquid is far better than some of the more expensive brands.I was told by my washing machine engineer to steer clear of the gels etc and to use only powder. To be honest, any type of bio powder, he says, is absolutely fine but to avoid the gels as they cling to the insides of the workings of the machine.

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