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July 2009In this CNBC Original, Carl Quintanilla reveals how products reach Oprah, the people behind the brands she highlights; and just how successful she makes them.

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Four and a half decades after they were hitched by an IBM mainframe, they’re still married.

It was also the start of an industry designed to exploit a market: millions of singles eager – or desperate – to find a match. With some 1,500 sites claiming they can match your personality type, your genes – even your facial structure - to potential mates, no company touts a “formula for success” as much as e Harmony, which owns 15 percent of the market. “We’ve always focused on long-term relationships,” he said. But really, when it comes down to it, our desire to find someone to connect with, to find a long-term relationship is a very deep part of our psyche.” Long before the conversation turns to matrimony, finding your online match takes commitment.

Punch cards and personal ads gave way to the first online dating sites, launched in the mid-90s. The company says the goal is to help you find someone - like you. Subscribers fill out a compatibility survey with hundreds of questions and pay as much as a month.

September 2010In this CNBC documentary, "Squawk Box" Co-Anchor Carl Quintanilla will look at garbage - how we create it, how we get rid of it, and how we often just put it out of sight all at significant cost to individuals and society alike.

One thing about the garbage business, it's always picking up.

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