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But to make collaborating simple and flexible, you can export all your tracks as audio files (without any mix settings) for easy importing into other DAWs.To export your tracks as audio, do the following: When you export all your tracks as audio files, you’re also future-proofing your tracks.Even with different versions of the same DAW 'family', you may find that an 'LE' or 'lite' version can't open a project created in the 'full‑fat' product, simply because the full version includes functionality that's missing or disabled in others.Newer versions of a DAW may include additional functionality, and different plug‑ins from previous versions, as plug‑ins have been updated, or licensing deals with third‑party suppliers of older plug‑ins expire.recording the edited track(s) or passage(s) to a new audio file (or files).

#1: CHECK ALL EDITS: Make sure that all edits are good, take the time before you consolidate the files to really listen to the edit points to check for clicks, weird transitions, anything that might cause attention to be drawn to the edit.Exporting a project from one DAW to another can be frustrating — but there are ways and means...We're often asked how to transfer projects from one software DAW to another.This is convenient, but as long as the plug-in remains active it is draining the resources of your system.You can make your Melodyne editing permanent by ‘bouncing’ it – i.e.You never know when your favorite software instrument or effects plug-in will lose functionality or support.Exporting MIDI, audio edits, software instruments, and effects plug-ins as audio files is a smart move. You can export a single MIDI track that has a region the length of your project, and your tempo and project markers will be exported too.That said, there are several areas of commonality, so it's always possible to transfer at least some data: all use a timeline, and offer multiple mono or stereo audio tracks; they support plug‑in effects, processors and instruments; they generate automation data, probably using MIDI, to control effects and virtual instruments; the job of summing signals together on a bus is a simple mathematical process... Before exporting a project, consider what media you plan to use for the transfer.Assuming you're not just switching between DAWs on the same machine, it's easy and inexpensive to use an external hard drive, and even USB pen drives are now typically large enough to hold a full project (just don't try to run the project directly from it! By default, Macs and PCs use different drive formats (NTFS on Windows; HFS on a Mac) and without additional software, neither OS can write to the other's drives.The EQ and compression, for example, are things you will also wish to adjust on the new track, so these should not be included.Automation is a similar case: decide whether it should be included in the transfer or whether you would prefer to copy the existing automation to the new track later, in order to retain access to it there.

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