Consolidating someone elses debt Chatinkerala com

When a person is added as an authorized user the account will appear in that person’s credit report.

If both your names are not on other shared accounts, nothing from their poor credit history will be added to yours, and your good credit history will not be added to theirs.

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According to the Department of Education, the average amount of undergraduate student debt in this country is now more than ,000.

While issues of personal responsibility are debated, there's no question the high price of higher education is creating an ocean of student loan debt for people who can least afford it.

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They will nominate a trustee to manage your financial affairs within two weeks of when you lodge your application with them.

The only change will be the addition of the authorized user account to their credit history.

Credit scores are calculated using information from your credit history.

Because none of the other person’s credit history is combined with yours, making them an authorized user will not affect your credit scores.

Because many scoring models do not score authorized user accounts, they may not help the other person.

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