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A child must meet the following criteria to be eligible for our PEBBLES services: NB: Where bed wetting is the sole issue, referral will be made to a bed wetting clinic.To apply for PEBBLES services, please download and complete a referral form.Calculus: The name calculus may be applied to any organized method of solving problems or drawing inferences by manipulation of symbols according to formal rules. Again, since the nature of the part is representative of the nature of the whole to which it belongs, the Universe of which the self is part must, like the part, be possessed of knowledge, will, and power. kanon, rule) A term reminiscent of the arts and crafts, sometimes applied, since Epicurus who replaced the ancient dialectics by a canonics (kanonike), to any norm or rule which the logical process obeys. In other (less exact) words, the inductive cardinal numbers are those which can be reached from 0 by successive additions of 1. The point at which the proportionate increase of both is in a direct relation. He was not in any sense a systematic philosopher but his keen mind gave wide influence to the ideas he advanced in ethics, politics and economics. Carnap, Rudolf: (1891-) successively Privatdozent at the University of Vienna, Professor of Philosophy at the German University of Prague, Professor of Philosophy at the University of Chicago (since 1936); one of the leading representatives of the positivism of the Vienna Circle and subsequently of Scientific Empiricism (q.v.); co-editor of The Journal of Unified Science (previously: Erkenntnis). Causa sui conveys both a negative and a positive meaning. when one occurs under certain conditions, the other necessarily follows (contributory, but not sufficient, condition) ("multiple causality" would be a case involving several causes which are severally contributory and jointly sufficient); the necessity in these cases is neither that of logical implication nor that of coercion; a principle or category introducing into experience one of the aforesaid types of order; this principle may be inherent in the mind, invented by the mind, or derived from experience; it may be an explanatory hypothesis, a postulate, a convenient fiction, or a necessary form of thought. In Peirce (q.v.), a vera causa and metaphysically grounded category. Chang Heng-ch'u: (Chang Tsai, Chang Tzu-hou, 1021-1077) Was a typical Confucian government official and teacher. The rationalistic interpretation looks at character mainly as the result of convictions. (c) An idea or concept which Kung-sun Lung used to designate the universal. 335-286 BC) who, contending that human nature is evil, advocated the control of nature. Continence: In Aristotle's ethics the moral condition of a person able to control his bodily desires by reason. For this reason contingency is not quite equivalent in meaning to possibility (q.v.); for while a possible state of affairs is one which may be, it may at the same time be necessary, and hence it would be false to say that it may not be. contrastare, to stand opposed to) Association in accordance with the principle proposed by Aristotle but rejected by Hartley, J. Mill and other associationists that contrasting qualities tend to reinstate one another in consciousness. The test of a cosmology most often used is perhaps that of exhibiting the degree of accordance it has with respect to both empirical fact and metaphysical truth. Cynics: A school of Greek Philosophy, named after the gymnasium Cynosarges, founded by Antisthenes of Athens, friend of Socrates.Or an exact definition of a calculus may be provided by identifying it with a logistic system, (q.v.) satisfying the requirement of effectiveness. Hence I may infer from my own existence the existence of a God. Thus John Stuart Mill speaks of five experimental methods as being regulated by certain canons. A class b is infinite if there is a class a, different from b, such that a ⊂ b and a is equivalent to b. The cardinal number of an infinite class is said to be infinite, and of a finite class, finite. His whimsical Sartor Resartus or philosophy of clothes and his searching Heroes and Hero-worship, remain his most popular works along with his French Revolution and Past and Present. Carnap's work has been devoted especially to formal logic and its applications to problems of epistemology and the philosophy of science. Cartesianism: The philosophy of the French thinker, Rene Descartes (Cartesius) 1596-1650. In aesthetics: Purification of and liberation from passions in art (Aristotle). Negatively, it signifies that which is from itself (a se), that which does not owe its being to something else; i.e., absolute independence of being, causelessness (God as uncaused). Causality has been conceived to prevail between processes, parts of a continuous process, changing parts of an unchanging whole, objects, events, ideas, or something of one of these types and something of another. Chance events, according to Aristotle, are occurrences purposive in appearance but not actually the result of either conscious or unconscious teleology. When young, he was interested in military strategy. Change, Philosophy of: (a) Any philosophical doctrine dealing with the subject of change, e.g., Aristotle's philosophy of change, (b) any philosophy which makes change an essential or pervasive character of reality, e.g., the philosophies of Heraclitus and Bergson. These convictions are seen as purely intellectual in extreme rationalism (virtue is knowledge, Socrates), or as referring to the value-aspect of reality which is conceived as apprehended by other than merely intellectual operations. The vital force, as expressed in the operation and succession of the active principle (yang) and the passive principle (yin) and the Five Agents or Elements (wu hsing). Wisdom, one of the three Universally Recognized Moral qualities of man (ta te), the Three Moral Qualities of the superior man (san te), the Four Fundamentals of the moral life (ssu tuan), and the Five Constant Virtues (wu ch'ang). C.) which can be interpreted as: (a) Marks or qualities of a thing. Amid this antagonism between naturalism and humanism, however, both schools conceived reality as unceasing change (i) and incessant transformation, perpetually in progress due to the interaction of the active (yang) and passive (yin) cosmic principles. Contiguity, Association by: A type of association, recognized by Aristotle, whereby one of two states of mind, which have been coexistent or successive, tends to recall the other. Aristotle distinguishes continence from temperance in that the former implies a conflict between bodily desires and rational choice, whereas in the temperate man there is no such conflict. In this broad sense contingency appears always to imply a reference to some basis in relation to which a given thing may be said to be contingent, and in view of the two referents most commonly employed it is possible to distinguish two chief types: (1) logical contingency, and (2) physical contingency. Leibniz distinguished contingent truths (verites de fait) from necessarv truths of reason (verites de raison), Hume (q.v.) regarded all causal assertions as contingent upon certain habits of the mind. Continuant: ''That which continues to exist while its states or relations may be changing" (Johnson, Logic I, p. The continuant is in Johnson's metaphysics a revised and somewhat more precise form of the traditional conception of substance; it includes, according to him, that residuum from the traditional conception of substance which is both philosophically justifiable and indispensable. Contrast: (contrastare, to stand opposed to) Relation, complementary to resemblance, obtaining between qualities. The value of a cosmology seems to consist primarily in its capacity to provide an ultimate frame for occurrences in nature, and to offer a demonstration of where the limits of the spatio-temporal world are, and how they might be transcended. Considers all human experience an historical experience, philosophy being the methodology of history. Nicholas of: (1401-1464) Born in Cusa (family name: Krebs), educated in the mystical school of Deventer, and at the Universities of Heidelberg, Padua and Cologne. Man's true happiness, the Cynics taught, lies in right and intelligent living, and this constitutes for them also the concept of the virtuous life.

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If you are at an office or shared network, you can ask the network administrator to run a scan across the network looking for misconfigured or infected devices.

Urinary incontinence, accidental or involuntary leakage of urine, is a common side effect of treatment that is usually temporary.

After prostate surgery, most men have some degree of incontinence for 3–6 months.

Regional visits are available for families living in regional and remote areas of WA, in addition to telephone, video and web conferencing.

Referrals may be made to PEBBLES for children with constipation, faecal incontinence/soiling, day-time wetting, as well as advice and support for toilet training/ toileting programs, continence products and subsidies.

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