Craig dating danyl x factor propose dating online

He joked: 'I wrote a song called Beautiful Surprise on the toilet. I was recently attracted to a woman who was just like me in a woman's body...there's something special about her. People who consider themselves straight occasionally fall for a single person of their own gender, why can't it happen in reverse? Danyl could have done much better (although I do wonder if his bisexuality actually affected his progress off the show, considering that he was one of the more talented people in the year he went on).

Sorry, but that sounds like late-awakened narcissism, not late-awakened bisexuality.(In all srsness though, well done him for losing all that weight, he looks great.)Attracted to a specific woman !

It was one of those things.'' Johnson dismissed rumours he had argued with fellow over-25s contestant Olly Murs and revealed he is backing the 25-year-old to win the show.

He said: ''I'm so proud of him, he is entertaining, fun, everyone loves him and he's a guy that came from nothing and I think that's just a brilliant story. I shared a room with him for the last 11 weeks and I wouldn't change it for the world.

I've done myself proud.'In a dramatic turn of events, Misha B was the first to be sent through to next week, with many speculating on social networking sites that her emotional story on Saturday's show won her sympathy votes after several weeks in the bottom two.

It was a blue and green affair tonight for the female judges.

But singer Craig Colton has now re-emerged looking almost unrecognisable as he shows off a much slender physique following months of hitting the gym.He compared the hype surrounding him to that of Britain's Got Talent superstar and current chart-topper Susan Boyle.Johnson said: ''It was only a disadvantage towards me - I had to beat that performance.Then it’s incredibly touching when he sings, as you can see just how proud his parents are of him.Craig Colton went on to win a place on the , and get all the way through to week 7 before he was eliminated.Me, him and Jamie got on so well and I'm going to miss him.X-Factor's current season gets spicier after media reports emerged that finalist Craig Colton is dating Danyl Johnson, a former finalist in the 2009 series of the show.He said: ''At the beginning it was so over-hyped and they were all talking about first auditions so I needed the negative side to come and maybe balance it out a little bit and just to make it make more sense and not be favourite anymore.Because Olly was favourite and then Stacey was favourite and Joe was favourite.They were in the audience, and had a helluva shock when Craig walked out onto the stage.And the video of his audition is fabulous as Craig Colton has such a charming personality when he gets on stage and tells the judges his parents are in the audience, but they didn’t know he was coming.

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