The Provost will share these materials with and invite an informational response from the louisia JAO, HRO and/or the appropriate disciplinary authority, if applicable, and the other party the appellee to the extent permitted by law, who may respond within five business days of the request.

These deadlines may be extended to complete any applicable appeal procedures.

Unlike all my other classmates, I was actually quite organized, so I was never pressed for deadlines. Then, about ten minutes later, I received another reply. Come over at 9pm to room 304 at the Lakeside Blue Motel.

I always finished my work slightly early, so that I wasn't under so much pressure when exam times came and deadlines were all within the same week. I'll be on my knees with my mouth open." Smiling, I closed my email. I had about two and a half others before I needed to go.

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