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Immediately upon viewing the neighborhood, which I have not seen for more than a year, I was struck by a bizarre phenomenon that has apparently taken hold here.

Bukharians - Jewish immigrants from the now-nonexistent country of Bukharia - have settled in Queens.

It’s because they know that the intermarried families they’d be chastising are within earshot only because they’ve dedicated countless hours and thousands of dollars toward raising Jewish children—often with the non-Jewish partner as the driving force.

We should be thanking these folks, rather than pushing them away.

Unlike most immigrants, these people are apparently very wealthy, and have started building enormous houses all over Queens.

Often when a gadol is niftar we say that our generation is orphaned by this loss.It was a zechus and a joy to dance at a simcha with our extended family. I made some interesting observations at the wedding. How interesting and special was the melding of the words in both dialects.This is his badge of honor for his escape from the Holocaust and to his aliyah to the new state of Israel. He should have continued nachas from his beautiful family. The lady I sat next to had an uncommon last name but one I’ve heard before, but she and her husband haven’t been able to find a common ancestor with others with the same name.In addition, Jewish women tend to resent Jewish men as arrogant and narcissistic and obsessed with dating and marrying a blond Gentile woman.So the Jewish women with their hangups about Blond Gentile women are in a sense battling the competition.Images, videos and audio are available under their respective licenses.I arrived in Queens, New York yesterday and am spending the week here.This page is based on a Wikipedia article written by contributors (read/edit).Text is available under the CC BY-SA 4.0 license; additional terms may apply.I think they should have some kind of rule that the new houses built in the area should be required to roughly match the existing ones. I guess we could round them up and place em in camps... Are they hurting the surrounding property values by building these "ugly" houses? Since when are Buildings in New York supposed to match? The people who have lived here for more than a half century, like my grandparents, are very attached to the look of the neighborhood.It’s often said that Jewish women are not attractive, and they even think so themselves.

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