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But most of all, I was touched when I learned that he was raised by a single parent and that his father passed away from cancer when Chang Wook was just 11 years old. Or maybe make it healer2 then we can watch Park minyoung and ji changwook again. Miss Park Min Young, if you can find someone like Seo Jung Hoo, love him and don’t let him leave. It is amazing, but still, I look forward to your next project. Even though your character was unlikable, you still portrayed the Emperor well, which is why I fell in love with you. I am watching Healer and this is the first time i saw him acting. There are some captions that he looks like Lee Min Ho and Choi Jin Hyuk, but he has his owl appeal. :) Actually at first i wasn't intend to watch the drama healer, but then one day this drama appeared to me and i sow many comments talking about how amazing this drama, and his acting, so i became curios and end up watching it, wow this is really good, i wasn't expect that he acting so good, can't wait to next episode. first i liked him a lot in warriror baek dong soo, but with five fingers i am a totaly fan. besides he is damn handsome, his acting is awesome, affected me so much. you're not only handsome & cute but really a great actor!

For me, that is a pivotal moment in a young boy's life that could either make or break him as a man in the future. I just finished watching the first four episodes of your current drama "Suspicious Partner" and I love your character as an adorable handsome prosecutor there! I hope someday to get your autograph and take selfie with you coz I am your fangirl. Mr Ji Chang Wook and Miss Park Min Young, may the LORD GOD bless you to find your true SELF, in loving someone, and be loved till your brain, lung, heart stirred. but my heart beats at the same rhythm with you while I see Ji Chang-Wook in my screen... Ji Chang Wook's talent or just the person himself... I never whatching korean movie or drama I was search something on the You Tube and this drama healer keep coming up so I end up watching episode that was really good I mean the drama.I really like your acting After watching first episode of healer, I like him and I decided to watch other drama that he played. You can do much much better with the right character, we have seen that and hoping to see moreof your good acting in the future. It's too bad you won't be able to show your martial Art talent, like Warrior Baek Dong Soo.

The problem is that most men like to date women exactly the other way around.

MANFACT: Men, even the men that you think are really nice guys, like architects, believe that it's not only normal, but actually preferable to have several sexual options (women) waiting for them in the wings.

Men don't actually call to ask you on a date—that's done by text with just 20 minutes lead time, right? Excuse me while I giggle to myself and walk alone to the bar, where we'll meet for drinks—just drinks, not dinner—even if I'm starving. If you feel me, let's start a little online movement, right here, to bring back some old-school dating habits.1. We've all been on the receiving end of a text message sent from the driver's seat of our date's car that alerts us he's "here." And that's if he offered to pick us up in the first place, rather than inviting us to meet him to "hang out." By walking to our doors, a man shows a little effort—we're talking 30 seconds here—and a lot of respect.__2.__And while you're there, bring us a bouquet of flowers.

There's perhaps no more simple or sweet way to show your affection. A date where we meet at a bar for copious amounts of alcohol with zero food to soak it up isn't a date—it's a test to see if you really like us and if you don't, a cheap evening and an easy out.

The worst thing a woman can do when looking the relationship she truly desires is to prematurely take herself off the market simply because "someone likes her" (otherwise known as the One-at-a-Time Man Plan).

This misstep is a genetic holdover from the millions of years that girls spent picking blueberries on the tundra.

It makes them want quickly give up the hunt and become "instantaneously monogamous" to a viable suitor once found.

When boys grow up and become men, they'll apply this principle to their love lives too.

It's ingenious when you understand how it works....

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