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No matter what rumors you have heard, if your partner is joining the Navy, you will be separated for long periods of time. The deployments are the long 6-10 month trips that happen on average every 1.5 years and the dets are between 2-4 weeks long and happen more frequently than deployments but only while on sea duty.When he is away, there will probably be times when you feel left out and left behind because he’s doing this big important thing while you are left at home.But it does seem like the older men and woman have it down pack and are doing well and acting like adults.Now I don't know anything about police officers or state troops but the ones in Columbia are FINE and so nice. You don't seem to have much sense, and seem rather mixed up. If I were the police officer, I would run far away. Im in the Navy, and I've already decided not to deal with military men.

And she told me to stay away from white marines because those are usually the ones with the issues.

What if your partner is only aware of what it will be like for the Sailor and not for you?

What if the recruiter isn’t giving your partner accurate info?

I was taking shopping bags from the mall to my car and this big chocolate cop help me carry them to my car. I've seen COUNTLESS married men screw around with females on the ship, ESPECIALLY on deployment.

Guys are known for hiding their wedding rings during deployment, finding a "boat boo," and when the chick thinks they have something going, but the time they pull back into port 9 months later he's sliding his ring back on and greeting his family at the pier. Too many scandalous, gullible chicks sleeping with several guys on the ship while the guys laugh about it together in the shop or dumping their boyfriends at home to be with someone who probably has a family of their own. Their training is a world apart from the basic training in Navy, Air Force, and Army.

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