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If it is sitting on the table next to us, we will look at it. Otherwise, you are sending your date the wrong message.How do you think that makes the person you are trying to get to know feel? Sure you are interesting and have a lot to share about yourself but this is not a TED Talk about your origins. And make sure to leave your list of requirements at home.Being a motor mouth during the date is a huge turn off. For example, you WANT someone who looks like Dwayne Johnson. If you are essentially interviewing someone you are dating to fill the role of boyfriend of girlfriend, you are on the wrong tack. It is hard to know if there is a connection based on interests and genuinely liking each other if you are sleeping together from the start.

There are a lot of sites online giving dating advice stating Dating Do's and Don'ts.

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Martha is an eternal optimist who’s always hoping relationships, that others see as hopeless, will somehow work out, if you just try hard enough.

If your path to love has you hitting more potholes than a ride down NYC’s Canal Street in the middle of winter, then you may need to pump your breaks, pull over and assess if it is time to recalculate your route.

Here are some of the most common dating don’ts I see clients, friends and family commit across gender lines.

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