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Russian singles are by far one of the best when it comes to getting involved in a serious love relationship that most often than not eventually leads to marriage.It is a fact that is known everywhere that people are paid to come out with a lot of bogus ratings that places singles from other places way ahead of the Russians.First let's have a look at common online dating mistakes made by western men. Balalaikas, bears walking in the streets, and vodka instead of five o'clock tea.But, if you want to date a Russian girl, don't pour this knowledge on her while chatting.But, because of the aura of stereotypes that haunts Russian ladies, rarely dating turns out to be fruitful.

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When it comes to protecting their partners, you can bet your last penny on Russian singles being well ahead of the other women.

More details You may be surprised to find out that Ukraine is a world leader in terms of income equality.

The largest and poorest country in Europe has been ranked second most equal on Earth by CIA Intelligence Unit.

However, the truth is what you are about to find out for yourself if only you will read this article to the end.

Russian singles are always truthful about their feelings: Unlike a lot of the singles out there from different parts of the world who are ready to enter into relationships with people even when they do not have an iota of love for the person, Russian singles are contrastingly not like that.

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