Did sandra bullock dating keanu reeves

BULLOCK: Anything the world doesn't know, he doesn't want the world to know. BULLOCK: He says he can just imagine one day I drop a turtle off at his house with a note: "Love, Sandy" No critters for you, Keanu? But when other people are depending on me, I become really meticulous about my actions. We'd love to see Keanu as one half of a Two Ronnies sketch show reboot. His serious filmmaker face met with others belonging to directors such as Martin Scorsese, Christopher Nolan and George Lucas. Rocker Keanu Grunge band Dogstar rose to fame in part because of Rocker Keanu's non-rocker activities in Hollywood films. Beardy Film Geek Keanu (Side by Side, 2013) Keanu, his beard and his ever-changing hair were the producer, narrator and interviewer on Side by Side, a documentary about shooting film on celluloid and the impact of digital technology on filmmaking.Keanu was making her laugh.” Oh, by the way, there were . More importantly: There’s absolutely nothing newsy about the reported dinner that included Bullock and Reeves.“They’ve been friends for years,” a source close to Bullock tells Gossip Cop, adding that there’s still nothing romantic about their relationship.I really do that well, and I'm still convinced that I'm here because someone dropped out. They know I'm home on Saturday." RELATED: Sandra Bullock's House Gets Broken Into!The star added, "I'd like to thank my style and makeup artist for creating this illusion. I'm just one of the luckiest girls in the world." Adding of the men on-stage, "Three of the people that I'm just so crazy about are right next to me." Who do you think deserves the Decade of Hotness award next year?

On a much lighter note, Reeves was asked who was "the biggest movie star" he could count as a friend. Yeah, through the years we kinda get together, have a dinner, catch up, see how it's going."Reeves and Bullock worked together on back in 1984.

"You are one of a kind and you are definitely, definitely hot! I've tried to kiss you, successfully and unsuccessfully.

" co-star Matthew Mc Conaughey also showed up to dote on the 49-year-old actress. I've been directed by you, in a short film and also to the exit of many bars," the 44-year-old actor, who was the Guys Choice Man of the Year, said of his former girlfriend.

by Alexis Chiu Twelve years after bonding on a booby-trapped bus, Sandra Bullock and Keanu Reeves still have the chemistry that fueled Speed. BULLOCK: I had to sit in a stupid chair and pretend I was driving a bus [mimes turning a steering wheel]. It's like, "I feel like an ass." But you have to commit and just let go for those 15 minutes and be an ass. What they do need to know is [turns to Reeves] that you're gonna have a pet really, really soon. REEVES: [singing a line from an Iggy Pop song] "I wanna be your dog! In The Lake House you play people who rent a home two years apart and somehow manage to fall in love despite time and space. BULLOCK: On a lot of films you shoot and then go back to your trailer and watch Divorce Court for six hours.

These days Reeves is still a bachelor, while Bullock is enjoying wedded bliss with Jesse James, host of TV's Monster Garage. REEVES: It was two actors in a room pretending to drive a bus and falling on the ground. Keanu, how has the girl from that audition changed? This wonderful, energetic, positive, talented person... This film was tricky; I felt if I let my guard down I would miss something. BULLOCK: Where'd we always eat that made us gain like 700 lbs.?

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