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Jillian Reynolds (born Jillian Warry on September 26, 1966, in Burlington, Ontario), best known by her former name Jillian Barberie, is a Canadian actress and television hostess.

She can currently be seen on the Los Angeles based show Good Day L. She has also presented the weather on FOX NFL Sunday since the 2000 NFL season.

When they are women, I can see how their bluntness and brutality about the guy can be useful to the game. Usually the women are so amazingly hot, the male dater couldn't care at all what her exes say.

One major plus, is that every segment has a hot-tub scene with women in bikinis.

All you have to do is open the box, eat the food and lose. Safire Flamez.barberie pics, nutrisystem jillian barberie, jillian nutrisystem, jillian barberie pictures, grant reynolds, good day la, jillian barbarie, bret. Barberie, who is also a Nutri System spokeswoman, wrote: “Just informed I am no longer on @gdla.

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Reynolds is a graduate of Mohawk College (Hamilton) with a degree from their two-year program in broadcast journalism. In 2000, she was hired to present the national weather segment of Fox Sports FOX NFL Sunday pregame show.

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However, she was ultimately fired from that show, ending her tenure there on June 4, 2004.

Reynolds claims that she does not know why she was let go from the national program.

In 2006, Reynolds participated as a contestant on the Fox reality show Skating with Celebrities, partnered with professional skater John Zimmerman and lost. As of November 2006, she is the co-host of KTTV's That's So Hollywood with fellow KTTV/KCOP personality, Mark Thompson.

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