Is country singer chris young dating anyone

By year's end, it would rank fourth among the most popular country singles of 2011.Yes, the singer Chris Young does have a girlfriend.When I thought about my future, and I thought about how I was going to be singing/performing, and whether or not I would like my 'day' job.Then I realized, that I could do this for a living."The ambitious young singer played at local clubs through high school and toured steadily while attending college.

Did Blake Shelton dump his wife Miranda Lambert because she cheated on him with country singer Chris Young and other lovers?TMZ claimed that Shelton, 39, ended the pair's four-year marriage after he heard rumors that she was cheating on him with Young.The site also claimed Miranda was unfaithful with a second, unnamed man.he does not publicly speak of his girlfriend much as he likes to keep his private life out of the spotlight.It was rumored that Young was dating Miranda Lambert, but he has publicly denied this.After all of Blake’s alleged cheating and boozing, you would think that Miranda would be the one to call it quits, not her husband.But, it looks like Miranda was not the innocent victim that we had all believed her to be.After all of the rumors of Blake Shelton’s drinking and cheating, why was Blake the one ending their marriage and not Miranda?According to various reports, Blake and Miranda’s divorce was finalized on July 20 – however, Blake filed the documents about 4 months ago.Miranda definitely didn’t act like a married woman while they were together.Is a cheating scandal with country singer Chris Young the real reason behind Miranda Lambert and Blake Shelton’s divorce?

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