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This is harming us A LOT especially around New Year's Eve and before Valentine's day.

We are losing so much potential traction because of that !!

Through May 31, the online dating industry has spent more than 4 million on national TV spots in 2014.

The amount online dating sites have spent on national TV ads in the first five months of this year have nearly matched the amount spent for all of 2013, according to data from research firm i Spot.

a) I have received to feedback whatsoever regarding the status of my request..would expect a better service from Facebook regarding potential partners.

We are a very respectful app, we target an elite community, no nudity or vulgarity, and yet we cannot advertise.

For men 'working out' and being healthy means adding muscle, leading to increased size and strength for men.

In contrast, exercise and health magazines for women encourage behavior such as dieting and cardio, which reduce the physical size of women (Crawley, Foley, and Shehan 2008).

) so I am at a loss, because all the other targeting criteria seem to work and thus I cannot meet the "exact" criteria that seem to have been made for countries like the US.Dating advertisements are the textual products of a discourse of commodification and marketization.They are certainly a prime site for witnessing the textual construction of self- and other-identities in the service of developing new relationships.These socially defined differences become part of a larger social structure that influences male dominance over women in social situations (Crawley, Foley, and Shehan 2008).According to West and Zimmermann (1987), this creates and perpetuates the notions surrounding a gender binary, two separate, socially unique genders who 'naturally' act differently from each other via differential social conditioning.However, Match.com’s most digitally effective ad so far this year is its “Nikki and Joey; Kindergarten” spot, which starred a shy kindergarten teacher looking to get back into the dating world.That spot has aired more than 2,000 times since its Feb.The analyses suggest that the moral case against `pernicious commodification', as a recurrent contemporary discursive formation and as a threat to late-modern self-identities and relationships, is overstated.ABSTRACT: Despite prolific research in language, identity, and sexuality (e.g.I sincerely hope this is not budget related, because it is true, we do not have an enormous budget at this time but how are we supposed to grow, get funding if we cannot address our customers (who MUST have a Facebook account to use our app) ?b) I have tried several times to create an ad respecting all guidelines : everything seems to be ok (although I have no more precise reason than "doesn't meet our policy"..very helpful to correct the error) BUT I have an annoying problem that I CANNOT solve : in the guidelines you specifiy that we must add precise targeting including several criteria, and among them, "Interested in Men/Interested in Women".

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