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It reached affiliation deal with 7 commercial stations (in Ulsan, Jinju, Gangnueng, Chuncheon, Mokpo, Jeju, Masan) between 19, and started nationwide TV broadcasting through its 13 affiliated or regional stations.

In 1974, FM radio was launched, as MBC took over The Kyunghyang Shinmun (daily newspaper company).

Posted: , Author: Odagag All around the world, finding love is a challenging quest even in your home country. » Things Japanese women love (and hate) about foreign guys. Transcending cultural differences and customs is just a small step to achieve that.

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South Korea is allegedly the second most homogeneous country in the world after ... It’s a unique place in terms of multiculturalism, and so there are myriad opinions floating around on the topic.

Locals constantly approach me in public to ask where I am from and they are certainly interested in the habits and lifestyles of non-Koreans.

Everyone is welcome to contribute here and add any information they may know about certain dramas or artists.

This includes production or artists who appear in a live Asian TV drama series.

South Korea is a global leader in technological innovation, education, and research, just a short 60 years after Japanese occupation.

This country’s economic history is a case study for success, and Korean companies are indeed major, global players.

MBC is headquartered in Digital Media City (DMC), Mapo-gu, Seoul and has the largest broadcast production facilities in Korea including digital production center Dream Center in Ilsan, indoor and outdoor sets in Yongin Daejanggeum Park.

▲ Radio era (1961-1968) Launching the first radio broadcast signal (call sign: HLKV, frequency: 900 k Hz, output: 10 k W) from Seoul, MBC started as the first non-governmental commercial broadcaster in Korea.

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