Mrtg stops updating for previous one

This is a bug in recent versions of the Perl module Net:: Server, see A guide to server configuration is in the wiki page

Some interesting things that are not covered in that page is shown in this FAQ.

To keep the configuration file clean, I actually used include statements in the file, such as: #--------------------------------------------------------------- # PC Narvik - Memory #--------------------------------------------------------------- Target[Narvik-mem]:[email protected] * 1024 Max Bytes[Narvik-mem]: 8000000000 Options[Narvik-mem]: integer, gauge, nopercent, growright, unknaszero YLegend[Narvik-mem]: Memory Short Legend[Narvik-mem]: B Legend I[Narvik-mem]: Used   Legend O[Narvik-mem]: Avail   Legend1[Narvik-mem]: Memory committed Legend2[Narvik-mem]: Memory available Title[Narvik-mem]: Narvik Memory Page Top[Narvik-mem]: #--------------------------------------------------------------- # PC Narvik - CPU load, dual-core CPU #--------------------------------------------------------------- Target[Narvik-CPU]:[email protected] Max Bytes[Narvik-CPU]: 100 YLegend[Narvik-CPU]: CPU % Short Legend[Narvik-CPU]: % Legend I[Narvik-CPU]: CPU 1 Legend O[Narvik-CPU]: CPU 2 Legend1[Narvik-CPU]: CPU 1 usage Legend2[Narvik-CPU]: CPU 2 usage Options[Narvik-CPU]: integer, gauge, nopercent, growright, unknaszero Title[Narvik-CPU]: Narvik CPU Page Top[Narvik-CPU]: # If PC Narvik were a single-core CPU, use two instances of object 48, as MRTG requires that # you have two variables returned.

You may also want to prevent display of the second output # line by adding the "no-ouput" option (noo) to the Options line:# I found that on a lower-spec PC (Bacchus), returning the CPU twice caused an artificially # high value to be returned for the second call (presumably the CPU busy processing the first # request?!

The syntax in the entry is [plugin_name].[fieldname].(warning|critical) [value].

On the Munin page for the individual plugin, the fieldnames are listed as "Internal name" below the graphs.

One of your best choices from this family of tools is was originally developed by Tobias Oetiker with the support of numerous people, most notably Dave Rand.

With Debian / Ubuntu you will either have to become root using the "sudo su –" command or you can temporarily increase your privilege level to root using the "sudo Here is an example of how to temporarily become root to run a specific command.

The server will query the node and show all the services(plugins) it offers. Everything you define in overrides the plugin's value.

Example: On the host, I want to set the This also applies to almost all other parameters in the plugins, even if overriding those might not make much sense.

, better enhance the plugin for it to support plugin configuration and submit it upstream.

This will save you lots of work on future maintenance when you will upgrade the plugins packages. When you create a cdef-field, be sure to use the fieldname at least once in the definition, or rrdgraph will croak with an error.

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