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I waited for 15 minutes but nothing was happening except blank screen...So, I restarted computer...kept USB as it is in the computer...Nothing comes on the screen...C30 file (only one file) on USB placed in computer and started computer.. C30 File was given to me by MSI Support Staff as I did not kept Original files during formatting USB Pen Drive. and placed again, to reset BIOS, but not difference on result or on message...---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Renamed: file E7680IMS. BINResult: Just Blank Screen with A2 text on right side bottom corner, No other message In some other same issue post, they recommand to change ROM File name to: EIVB. Yesterday I was flashing my BIOS from Version 5.2 to Version 6.0.I have tried to shutdown, put my usb stick in rear ports, but it make nothing.So, please help, how to Update or How to recover my BIOS on motherboard? The following files are on an usb-Stick:- 7680v C2(Windows-Installer)- (MD5: 55a1af369b1db5b180a432a8fa5c7178 )- IM9T318R (empty directory)If the stick is missing, i got the message that the bios-update is not finished yet.Ran this exe file on the computer where this motherboard is....

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Hi All, I have an MSI h61m-e33(b3) motherboard which I tried to update the BIOS on.Inside Windows XP, when BIOS Update process started, In a green window, it shown me current BIOS old version and New Version side by side.(I did not given much attention to notedown from which number to which number it's updating). BIN 7680v J0and a folder called XPELXR2X that is empty. Hi, I tried to update the bios MSI H61M-E33(B3) from 10. After rebooting, i got the message "BIOS Update: ... I've looked and tried all the techniques I could find over the web, I've tried :-PC with and without SATA drives connected-the last 4 versions of the bios found on-line, even the original version of my MB before updating (1.19)-4 different usb keys (from 128 Mb to 4 GB)-all front and back usb ports Each time, on each usb key, there were several bios versions, even one renamed to AMIBOOT. I've also tried to make the keys bootable by using the “MSIHQ USB Bootable” tool with the 1.19 bios (after the boot fix), the usb key appears in the F11 boot menu but when I select it, the PC boots but still shows me the "BIOS ME update...not found " message.I've also tried a clear CMOS with several power off.I want to update my bios for my MSI B75MA-P45 motherboard but I am not quite sure how to do so.Yes I read the how to on the MSI website but I am still a bit confused.In Windows XP after BIOS Process completed, it restarted computer (I kept USB File as it in the computer as I had read that, I have to keep USB in computer after restart).When computer restarted...nothing came on the screen and just blank screen for long time and on the right side on screen bottom corner only letter like: A2 stayed for long long time.

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