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Symantec holds at least one patent related to Live Update Use of Polymorphic Package Files To Update Software.A valid subscription is required to use Symantec Live Update.In the past, Norton Live Update was separate software that is installed with all Symantec products.

I realize there are many questions, but we cannot see your computer, and this information may help find a solution. Did you use Windows control panel, or Norton Removal and Reinstall Tool? Run Live Update manually a few times, rebooting as necessary, until no updates are available. This will free up the activation for you to use again. There seems to be an issue with the live update server and it will be fixed with in 24 hours... If it is updated till 20.2 your Norton should be having most of the updates which will ensure protection for your computer.

Restart your computer if you can't connect to that site.

Next, launch Norton and click "Live Update" if you use Norton Anti Virus or Norton Internet Security.

Norton Anti Virus connects to several entities as it works to protect your home and business computers from malware.

Some of these connections happen automatically when the software attempts to communicate with remote Web servers.

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