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Easy access to decent quality cameras and the internet means thousands of people are hitting record and sharing their life experiences and perspectives.Vlogging, or video blogging, is the act of taking an audience through a story – often just a normal day – in a video.It’s been dubbed the new reality TV, with vlogging’s biggest stars racking up giant followings on You Tube and raking in impressive wages through ad revenue.Big names include Roman Atwood, who charts his life as a father with a particular brand of positivity and pranks; Zoella and boyfriend Alfie, who shot to fame as the UK’s most popular internet couple; and Casey Neistat, the New York videographer with a cult following who switched from filmmaking to vlogging and found a huge audience online.During a trial he was convicted of five offences and was found not guilty of the remaining 11.Wynne rigged up covert cameras in two houses in east Kent.

A Florida jury deliberates just six hours before ruling in Bollea's favor and awarding him a staggering 5 million in damages.

While giving evidence at his trial, he admitted setting up the equipment but denied doing it for sexual reasons.

He claimed people “might misinterpret the snooping and secret filming of people doing private acts as indicative of him being some kind of deviant and a pervert.” Now a judge has told him: “I am sorry but such an interpretation is not in any way misguided.

If you fancy yourself as the next You Tube star, or simply want to share your experiences with family and friends, there are many considerations to make.

You can be a vlogger with an i Phone – the kit isn’t everything – but if you want the professional look of the big names, you will need a proper camera, and choosing the perfect one is the first step.

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