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The fact that they stopped production in 1982 (although in 2006, a Texas company started building “new” De Loreans from 80% old parts and 20% refurbished ones) made me wonder if this lease deal was genuine, and if so whether I could finally get my hands on the De Lorean I’d lusted after since I saw Back to the Future as a child.So, off I went to Ling’s website, where I saw this (opens in a new window):£149.99 a month with three payments up-front as a deposit sounded like a great deal, so why not?

Trolling can take almost any form, so it’s important to prepare for each form of trolling independently.The Waste Land "hurry UP please ITS time" and smile. Cleaning the pub took two hours or at least, that was how much time I was paid for.The website is created in n/a, owned by n/a, currently located in Ireland and is running on IP registered by Nominet UK network.Now, Ling has many detractors based on the perceived quality of her website with it’s crazy layout and (some might say) setup.As a web developer, I’d agree that it’s not what you’d call a great design, but as a website I really like it – it’s clear and easy to read, everything is in your face and up-front, so there’s not much in the way of hidden small print like you’d typically get with car leasing sites. I was still sceptical that it was genuine, but I couldn’t see any reason for her to falsely advertise, and in theory it is a possibility because the cars are still being built, albeit in very low numbers.Get started with Step 1 below or find more specific advice by checking out the sections listed above.For those who don’t recognise the person on the right, that’s Ling Valentine.It only takes a few years for cars to look dated, but when you look at this pic of a Lotus Esprit it is difficult to believe its design is now 20 years old.I guess great design doesn't go out of date and one of the best-looking Esprits is arguably the V8, which was also one of the last.Owner of famous for her appearance on BBC2’s Dragons Den.Our story begins on the Piston Heads forum, where I spy a topic in General Gassing advertising a “great value De Lorean leasing deal.”Well, that just immediately piques my interest because I’ve always been very interested in the De Lorean DMC-12, and despite it objectively being a pretty crap car, I’ve always hankered after one.

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