Podcasts not updating on blackberry

Back to top An aggregator or podcatcher is a program that will check for new podcasts every time you are connected to the web and that program is open.

This software is usually free, and the most popular podcatchers or online feed readers are i Tunes, Google Reader and My Yahoo.

If the message does not arrive, please launch Black Berry World on your smartphone to find the content you are looking for.

There was a problem and the request for this item was not sent to your Black Berry 10 smartphone successfully.

I can search the catalog and grab the podcasts I want with just one click – no PC required.So I’m pleased to be able to tell everyone that Black Berry® Podcasts is now available!Black Berry Podcasts gives users access to video and audio content, plus it makes the downloading process incredibly simple.When you subscribe to a podcast, the latest podcast episode is saved to your computer or MP3 player or mobile device.Every time a new podcast episode of the program becomes available your podcasting software will automatically download it.The android controller finds my downloaded podcasts the first time I select that feature...But it doesn't seem to update the list after new ones download and old ones are removed. On i OS Apple operating systems devices, you cannot download to your phone.You can subscribe through i Tunes and listen there or through Apple's Podcast App.Access a growing catalog of free audio and video feeds The catalog has some great feeds and is growing every day.Get podcast favorites like The Onion or feeds from your favorite networks and shows.

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