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The project is sort of shelf, in which real translations are folded.All components in same project share suggestions and dictionary, also the translations are automatically propagated through the all component in single project (unless disabled in component configuration).Translation Assistant will download the completed project.Click on Output Help & Manual to create the translated help project.Translation Assistant is available to download for all users. Once you’re logged in to your account, click on the Download Translation Assistant button, located at the top of every page. When Translation Assistant starts it will ask you to log in.Use the same email and password you use to log in to Then, Translation Assistant will ask you to select the Help & Manual project file (.hmxp).After this the localization update module checks the localization server for more recent translations and updates the site translations if a more recent version was found.) and changes made using the localization client module are marked. can define alternative translation servers to retrieve the translation updates from.

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Weblate handles just fine translations with 10000 of units, but it is harder to split work and coordinate amongh translators with such big translation.

This fill will be in the root folder of your Help & Manual project. Next, you’ll select the language you’re translating from. Click on the Upload button in the project control panel.

The last step of the project setup wizard lets you choose what pages on the Help & Manual project need to be translated. Translation Assistant will upload the project to your ICan Localize account. These include: At the end of that page, you’ll find a button to release to translators.

Below you can see an example with two projects using the GNU layout: At the top of the user interface, you will see your newly created administrator username.

Click on it and the main top menu will be displayed, then click on Admin (highlighted in red): Now you are in the administration interface. You can also provide a Full Name easily readable for humans.

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