Rob pattinson dating dylan penn benefits of dating a older man

Pics: Robert Pattinson Through the Years And it looks like Pattinson isn't camera-shy when it comes to being spotted with Penn, a model.

"They were a bit surprised because I didn’t warn them," she said.

Video: Robert Pattinson's Steamy New Dior Short Film Pattinson and Stewart broke up in May, after more than three years together.

23-year-old Dylan, dismissed last year's rumours that she had been romantically involved with the British actor, saying that photos of them at a club in Hollywood weren't all they appeared to be. "They photographed us in a place where there were other people and cropped the picture. I laughed about it." Dylan, whose mother and father are actors Sean Penn and Robin Wright, also spoke about the perks of growing up with famous parents, recalling the numerous celebrities she met as a young girl.

"When I was 14, in Cuba, I met Fidel Castro with my dad, and it was really impressive," she said.

"And on a totally different level, I met Justin Timberlake! "In fact, to be honest, if I could go back, I would not have taken that much clothing off.

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