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Here’s a fun hypothetical: Suppose you’re celebrating New Years in your Airbnb, possibly with your boyfriend or girlfriend, and realize that someone has been secretly filming you remotely on a live security camera that’s pointed right at the bed.This is exactly what one redditor claims happened to him last night.Groups like Toronto-based Advocacy Centre for the Elderly have recommended keeping audio off, since it is an offence under the Criminal Code to record a private conversation without the consent of at least one party.As well, the audio could potentially record conversations that are unrelated to a nursing home resident’s care.As this was being written, lawyers were gathering in Winnipeg to argue whether media outlets should be allowed to broadcast pictures and sound from an inquest into a matter that has generated wide public interest — the troubling case of a homeless aboriginal man who was found dead in his wheelchair after 34 hours in a Winnipeg hospital's waiting room.The media's right to attend isn't being questioned.And people like myself, who are all for these cameras, we know from research already with police, that if you have a camera people are less likely to do dangerous things.

He got away with it for decades and his wife, Anita, even joined in. Check vents for cameras, especially ones above the shower.2.

Jimmie Mesis, a debugging expert, specializes in finding hidden cameras.

In the past, peeping Toms used holes in walls to spy on motel guests but now tiny cameras can be disguised in just about anything.

For example, a discussion between a resident’s roommate and visitors, or two staff members’ private conversation.

The opponents’ logic is “better safe than sorry.” There are those, however, who counsel to keep the audio enabled.

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