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Lisa Reich explores the new, far-flung dating frontiers. The world used to be such a big place, but the internet has made it tiny.

From sites such as to newer apps like Happn (that man you just walked past in the street?

They want to swipe before they get there,’ says Tinder CEO and co-founder Sean Rad (who is, for the record, handsome and single).

By the laws of probability, wherever you go on your travels, there are Tinder users waiting for you, so you have to think big – you can fall in love anywhere in the world.

He could be yours), it feels like there’s never been a better time to date. It launched this year and in terms of love (and hooking up, if you want to be cynical), the possibilities suddenly seem endless.

I signed up for quiz-dating, wine-tasting dating and cocktail-making dating.I accept that some people genuinely may not know their plans until very late in the day – their work may entail short-notice travel or they could have responsibilities such as caring for a relative or child – but when someone says they “hope” to be there you can’t help concluding that they are hanging on in case something better comes along.Why people think it is OK to completely ignore a party RSVP these days is beyond me.Two weeks before the event only 18 people had replied.One of these had, infuriatingly, asked who else would be at the party before confirming his decision. Between relationships, I would enjoy the novelty of being on my own for a while, doing things without having to consult someone else, until a new relationship emerged from my happily hectic social life.At the age of 38 however, I realised that the gaps between relationships were getting to be rather long, almost never-ending.Although that deal was done two years ago, vendor loans would be even more effective in today's market, where sellers have to lower their expectations of what the buyer can afford.If you're a vendor it can help with your tax bill and provide other benefits.I’ve spent thousands of pounds on dating websites and matchmaking services.I persisted even after uk informed me that there were no matches for me.

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