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I almost forgot.” Sasuke teases while he takes his seat in Naruto’s lap. ” he ask looking up at Naruto.o///o “um yeah.” damn it Sasuke I am going crazy trying to figure out my feelings Sasu Naru-Engaged?? ”“ Um…” Naruto looks down at the floor of the vehicle “ Well I lived alone since I was little because my parents died when I was born. No…not that…I don’t know..” Sasuke laughs “ Whatever. Sasuke slowly takes Naruto’s hand in hi Sasu Naru-Engaged?? ”“ Yeah… I didn’t at first but now being with him I cant see myself with anyone else in the world.” Sasuke says.4Naruto got Sasuke to use the truck instead of the limo as long as he agreed to sit in the back with Sasuke. ” Sasuke ask after assuring Naruto that there are rides for about the fifth time.“ Um…” he fidgets in his seat a little “ I haven’t ever…gone to the fair before in my life.”“ Wha?! I don’t even know what they look like.” He lets one tear roll down his choke. ” Naruto and Sasuke were in line for the tunnel of love and Naruto was fighting with himself. Come on were next.” So they step into the small wooden boat and off they go. 13Several hours later Sasuke is awakened by someone breathing on his neck. He wipes away the sticky white substance from his face onto his hand. “ But I feel bad…he had a gir Sasu Naru-Engaged??Sasuke walked into the living room as Naruto followed him to the room he will be staying at.They walked up the stairs and walked towards a room.

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Unlike other sites, we don't throw tons of ads and popups at you.Its real cute though and i like the idea so i probs will keep reading the emotion face things i stopped doing. Suddenly he feels 2 arms wrap around his abdomen and cold wet drops hit his back. He was waiting for Sasuke to walk under him so he could do an aerial assault.sooner or later...i need to go back an re-do my writings that still have them. “ S-s-s-Sasuke… I-I-I- I’m so sorry *sniff* you reminded m-me so much of her th-that… I though you were…her…” Sasuke closes his eyes. Hehe Sasuke is going to be so startled he wont know what hit him. The window was closed , but i was a vampire so i could read lips. I don't want Naruto screaming and shouting to get off , and i don't want to gag his mouth . I couldn't help but laugh at Naruto's face turned defeated . And how will he cope with living his 'normal life', while hiding his true occupation? "Shikamaru barely stopped the wooded sword with an X block, crossing his wrists in front of him. The man came at him again, and this time Shikamaru stepped aside. How does this simple change alter the entire future of rookie nine? i forgot to add this comment like 3 years ago no really 3 YEARS ago and man i've read this till the end like 2 years ago yeah i couldn't finish it that fast and love the story do u have a FF account sasunaru! wow u like sasunaru but account is chibi SAKURAchan combining the inside and outside nice! I didn't know that : CLAP YAY for the yaoi fangirl sakura I REALLY WANTED TO SAY THAT 3 YEARS AGO SORRY IF IT' S KINDA LAME Its very cute, but Sasukes a little out of character (sasuke giggling and twirling? Hinata was my first love…you cant expect me to forget her.”“ Why not?!) and i hate when peeps put things like instead of saying 'he winked and stuck his tongue out cheekily' or something. ” Sasuke had spun around to face the blond who was crying tears. 8Naruto is sitting on a tree branch in the middle of Sasuke’s backyard/mini forest.Our servers are not overloaded so the games we have load fast!Suntem specialiști în a găsicele mai bune jocuri online pe internet, fie în flash, fie în shockwave, fie în HTML5.

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