Sesshomaru dating quiz

Even though it should be automatically very obvious that Sesshomaru is way better than any measly human. I know all of your lines and I want to help you kill Inuyasha! Thank you so much for posting this~SESSHOMARU-SAMA .... Is the hottest yokai ever (animated or otherwise).9. Dogs are one of the best protectors/friends you could ever find.3.

I worry deeply for every fangirl if they're like this... if any of you do follow this list, please get help. me and this one chick we were friends till she told me she was in love with Inu-baka.

I understand that many people are waiting for updates on different stories and requests, however, I do have things to do outside of, therefore I update whenever I get the chance to sit down and write.

I also have trouble writing sometimes, so many ideas piling up in my head that I find it hard to focus, so stories such as TMNT Drabbles and Of Straw Hats and Things are born to help me get those ideas out and help me focus on my main story afterwards - that' one of the reasons why 'SHATTERED' and 'Holding On' were written; to get ideas out of my head.

Sesshomaru forever I want a tokijin and a bakusaiga like Sesshomaru I disregard the tennsaiga as a weapon it uselesslol - I'm almost as bad as all of them. But that's because I'm also obsessed with Itachi, Deidara, and Kakashi from Naruto.

A clumsy romantic adventure told in 100-word snippets. I can't relate, I'm trying to get more in touch with my fan base Cause I know a lot of these poor jits is saying, "Robb Bank$ is just scrait" "Come again?" What I tell my Spanish lady when she speak that Daddy Yankee to my dogs Her name "Kilo", her sister name "8-ball" We can P. 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More than Sesshoumaru's pride took a blow when he lost his arm. and desperate enough to seek the advice of a self-proclaimed expert. " Good Tryna remove all you dumb niggas from my fuckin' fan-base Bitch, I walk around North Lauderdale, like "Fuck err'body!" Added my lil twist, but ain't no age on this money Boi you fuck around with them folks, that's how Haze got his ass smoked And what the fuck you pussy ass niggas know 'bout bein' broke?!It's been adapted from it's first appearance on the website "Sesshomaru's Sanctuary" (now closed-down) to which I nod in deep respect. I'm not the only way-too-over-obsessed fangirl of Sesshomaru out there! I jumped,backflipped, fell on my face and this was after an assembly in the auditorium (sp? All of the other grades were like "wth is that grade 7 freak doing? " I diddnt care though Sadly yet happily all of these represent me! This is the greatest thing I've read and I do pretty much everything listed on this list. For an inu-yokai (dog-demon), Inu Yasha is very pig-headed.2. Anot Enlightenment Sesshomaru had never been inclined to whine – it was not in the Western Lord’s protocol; but sitting in his war-room trying to ignore the child rumpling his fur when he should have been halfway through his battle scheme, it was impossible to stifle a small sigh.“ Rin,” he warned, “you too are aware that I must focus on this draft.” Sesshomaru deliberately pushed a squadron marker over a mountain range. ” The dog-demon’s ears roiled at the octave her voice hit. ”“ It’s snowing outside, Lord Sesshomaru. Don’t you remember the last time I did that and came back all sick and then Master Jaken got a cold and he couldn’t stop sneezing, which was really gross ’cause it flew all over the –”“ I. Rin.& All I Learned from Inu Yasha Everything I Learned From “ Inu Yasha”1. I'm glad I could bring the "Obsession List" to other Sesshomaru fans. Two people in my class are obsessed with real people, and we argue over who's better, them or Sesshomaru. .........stalker..........*bursts into fangirl spazm*YOU REALLY CAME FOR ME!!!! I love my Sesshy so much and he shall forever be my Lord Fluffykins of Fluffness!! Not where he would have set it, but so long as she thought it was an actual tactic…“ But there’s nothing to do! Although there will be an endless onslaught of hack-job demons, evil foes, and more challenges than thought bearable, your friends will always stand by you (unless they’re undercover agents for one of the evil, hack-job demon foes).2. Disclaimer: I do hereby disclaim all rights and responsibilities for the characters in this bit of whimsy... A nod of recognition is bent towards Rumiko Takahashi for her creative prowess. A Note of Explanation: This is a story in snippets, so if you believe a proper tale cannot be told on a small scale... Chapters will be perfect drabbles written for Dokuga's monthly Drabble/Drawble Chat Nights...

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