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Police interviews with five Iranian men suspected of being part of an alleged sex gang who worked in takeaways in Chelmsford's West End were read out in court on Tuesday (November 8).

I piled on to her discontent by falsely offering that my wife also has no time for me, but I then asked her: "So why don't we leave them, then?

He told officers he then moved backed to Chelmsford a year later to help his friend who was opening CM Pizza, where he admits he first met the woman.

These "cybersoldiers" monitor online activity of opposition sites and dissidents, bombarding websites with comments and producing blog content in support of the regime and hacking emails and computers, according to a computer programmer in Iran employed by the telecommunication ministry. companies, meanwhile, are barred from giving ordinary Iranian citizens access to a broad range of technology that could help increase the security and confidentiality of their electronic communications, despite the Treasury Department's release Tuesday of an "Interpretive Guidance and Statement of Licensing Policy on Internet Freedom in Iran" intended, it said, "to further support the free flow of information to citizens of Iran." The new guidance clarifies that, under the current array of economic sanctions the United States has imposed on the Islamic Republic, U. businesses are still permitted to make available to persons in Iran [...] services incident to the exchange of personal communications over the Internet, such as instant messaging, chat and email, social networking, sharing of photos and movies, web browsing, and blogging, provided that such services are publicly available at no cost to the user.

They report to various state bodies, including intelligence, judiciary and the [Revolutionary Guards], which in turn have top officials sitting on the new council. The technologies covered range from personal communications services such as Yahoo Messenger, Google Talk, and (non-fee-based) Skype to browser plug-ins like Shockwave and Java to personal data storage services including Dropbox.

Prosecuting, Matthew Sorel-Cameron read out Rostami's police interviews with the help of PC Sophia Thornton, an officer involved in the case.

When asked if he knew the first woman, Rostami replied: "I've never come face to face [with her] from more than like 10 feet away. I don't even understand why she is making this allegation against me.

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