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For months after returning, I ran a low-grade fever just thinking of where we had been and the sights we had seen. Traveling to the Middle East is as safe right now as it has ever been, and you're not getting any younger. Come over and let's talk."SEE ALSO: Is Being Good Enough Good Enough to Get Me to Heaven? The pastor, bless his soul, has grown weary of standing up to him alone. One of the finest things that could happen to many of us would be to develop a divine dissatisfaction with our prayer life. (Or a local Christian bookstore.) Pull out a dozen books on prayer and read the first chapter of each one. And remember: if you find one great idea that makes your praying better, it was worth the money or time and trouble.

I'd turn a page and there would be a photo of Jerusalem or the Sea of Galille and my eyes would tear up. I'm thrilled to see the occasional seminary program that allows young preachers and missionaries to visit Israel as a part of their education. But on the other hand, I got far more out of it by going when I was 44. In confronting him, you're not going to do it his way. He lives in hopes that someone, anyone, will stand up and do the courageous thing. Just make up our mind that there's more to this prayer business than I've found out, and set ourselves to learning how to pray better and more effectively. You'll find one that hits you between the eyes. Ask people whose prayer lives you respect to pray with you and to teach you how to pray.

Since we're going for 50 things to do, we'll break this article down into several manageable segments. The next time you attend your family reunion, I double-dog dare you to stand up and announce, "Hey, everybody!The week-to-week production process is anything but romantic.On the contrary, it's a callous game of bullying and illusion whose sole objective is outrageous narratives.It stars Shiri Appleby as a young reality television producer pushed by her unscrupulous boss (Constance Zimmer) to swallow her integrity and do anything it takes to drum up salacious show content.The show was created by Marti Noxon and Sarah Gertrude Shapiro, and was inspired by Shapiro's award-winning independent short film Sequin Raze.Several celebs have actually been sued for allegedly giving their partners herpes.Robin Williams was sued for passing along the herpes virus, and he ended up settling out of court.Herpes simplex is a viral disease that can occur either on the mouth or on the genitals.Herpes viruses have periods of activity in which blistering occurs for 2-21 days.There is currently no cure for herpes, but treatment can help to reduce the symptoms. A former assistant of Alba claims that the actress regularly had to refill a prescription for Valtrex after dating Jeter.Other beautiful actresses who allegedly contracted herpes from Derek Jeter include Jessica Biel, Scarlett Johansson, and Vanessa Minnillo.

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