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The five-second clip shows Bonnie and her friend dancing to a slow love song and laughing before she nudges her friend, apparently to highlight the fact she's going to attempt the 'slut-drop'.The imminent horror is clear to viewers as the white pole sits directly below her.The account, set up by year 12 students at a private school in Melbourne, Australia, used photos of girls as young as 11 and asked people to vote for their ‘slut of the year’.Police are now investigating the account after the mother of one of the girls featured on the page complained.In the post, Manning expressed her mortification that her daughter "was subjected to such appalling messaging at the hands of those entrusted to care for her.""[The female students] feel judged and victimised by school staff, like all eyes are on them...They feel their school has sexualised and demonised them, and compounded the problem by sending a strong message that it is them, the girls, who are responsible for the boys’ behaviour, and that the boys are the victims here."The school's message was delivered at a meeting held in response to the revelation some of its female students were among countless other Australian young women targeted by an online pornography ring."It's a needed service in the community," said Si Transken, a social work professor at the University of Northern British Columbia.

Parents of students at Kambrya College in the city's south-east were justifiably outraged, with one mother, Catherine Manning taking to Facebook in a now viral post.

After running away from her sexually abusive stepfather and being evicted from where she was living, Christal Capostinsky was placed in a shelter in downtown Vancouver where she met women who introduced her to drugs and sex work.

A few months later, at 19 years old, addicted to heroin and working in the sex trade, Capostinsky felt she had nowhere to turn.

The teacher had been warned about his behaviour at least three times prior to the December 2014 incident.

Between 20, he was reprimanded more than once for treating students, colleagues and members of the public in an "inappropriate" manner.

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