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There are a few mentions of the heros family not approving of his chosen career and his strained relationship with his parents...what?

There is no discernable plot, the characters are one dimensional, the dialogue is weak, and there is no conflict to speak of.

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It begins with Brooke and Traci attending a speed dating session with extremely low expectations.

Note: This event is open to everyone - both new and returning participants.Dylan Hargreave thinks I'm an actress paid to pose as his girlfriend at a North Carolina society wedding. Kendall Clarke, award-winning actuary, the veritable shining star of number crunchers who, just hours ago, learned her responsible fiance (sorry, ex-fiance) called off our wedding because he'd gotten one of my colleagues pregnant. Don't tell me you've never heard of Dylan Hargreave. Unfortunately, his actions toward his ex-wife negate that entire premise. The reader is supposed to believe the hero is a charismatic, intelligent man who is passionate about his career. Perhaps there are NASCAR titles that are entertaining, but this is not one of them. I usually keep the brakes on, but as of now I'm taking a vacation. I have never read any of the NASCAR themed titles before, so when I saw this one being offered for free, I thought I'd give it a try.Member events held locally -- "private VIP events." 1000s of member videos, 1000s of member photos.Great Expectations (online, Great-Expectations.com) is over 30 years old,..The author makes mention of people asking for the hero's autograph, mentions pit crews a couple of times, and how he likes to give his trademark war whoop.This guy could have worked at Jiffy Lube for all the excitement of his personality.Through crazy characters and interesting men, the girls find a happy ending.Cindy Krapfel ably directed this cute little film that was written by Stefanie Davis.

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