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Congressional Candidate Drew Leavens, Congressional Candidate Dr.

Susan Savory, State Senate Candidate Jose Solorio, Assemblywoman Sharon Quirk-Silva, Assembly Candidate Joel Block, Assembly Candidate Wendy Gabriella, Costa Mesa City Council candidate Katrina Foley, Santa Ana City Council Candidate Gilad Salmon, Anaheim City Council Candidate Jose Moreno, Huntington Beach City Council Candidate Connie Boardman, Coast Community College District Board of Trustees Candidate Joel Flores, Anaheim Union High school district candidate Al Jabbar, Anaheim Union High School District candidate Elizear Elizondo and many more!

Contact PMA’s Business Development team or call 1 (302) 738-7100 to learn more.

Sign up in advance for an appointment with the artists, or stop by the pavilion to book your time for the ultimate Ink Fusion tattoo T-shirts.If selected, suppliers will meet for 10 minutes with 5 different buyer companies.This program is limited to 22 supplier companies, and spots will be filled on a first-come, first-served basis with an ultimate goal of including a diverse mix of suppliers across the floral supply chain.If the Rebels can blow up the Death Star in 11 minutes, let’s see if you can make a love connection in only three.There’s a history of successful Speed Dating at Celebrations, with long-term couples, engagements and marriages now among the alumni. Registrants may enter in one of five categories: small/medium color, large color, small/medium black and grey, large black and grey and tattoo of the weekend!A panel of special celebrity judges will be on hand to determine the best and present the winners with exclusive awards created especially for this event.Participants, all over the age of 18, were seated in front of each other, and had three minutes to make a lasting impression before moving on to the next person.Organizers discouraged people from talking about what they did for a living or where they lived.Many will have links to their websites, where you will be able to book an appointment.Tattooed fans interested in participating in the Tattoo Competition at Celebration must pre-register for the event at the Force in the Flesh booth in the Tattoo Pavilion during Celebration Exhibit Hall hours.

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