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A lot of people would come in and be like, “So, this is your expertise."Greg's Drinking Song" is a musical number performed by Greg Serrano with accompaniment by his friends. I say it's water but all it takes is a glance For people to realize I pee my pants! Greg: Yes wine can be fun White, Rosé and Red 'Till I call up my boss To say I wish he was dead! But Frank just had such a clear vision of what he wanted and he plowed through so enthusiastically.I said, “Hey Frank, we’ve kind of done this guy before,” and he goes, “Ahhh, but this time it’s going to be on show. I was second unit director on the show and ultimately they gave me a consulting producer credit because Frank and Gale [Anne Hurd] said that I wasn’t just the makeup effects guy, but that I really kept the level of quality.

We hopped on the phone to talk about why now was the time to leave Batman, why he wants to work with Mark Millar, and what he will be doing when he returns to DC (he hints it might not be Batman).You won't believe how many different ways they've found to spell "condoms"!Fantastic Fest can be a bit of a madhouse if anything runs late, which in this business, I have learned is quite common.Also, we are excited to announce that Capullo will be making his first-ever appearance at next year's C2E2, Chicago's biggest pop entertainment convention, from March 18-20.Capullo: No, I was doing the Wizard shows that they had in Chicago, so this is the first time I'll be doing this show, yeah. A lot of fans have been hitting me up on Twitter all the time about it.From which ice cream to bring to a sex rendevouz and the great debate surrounding whether you should take your underage paramour boot shopping before or after sexy times, the men featured on have quite a range.With user names like meatrocket8 and toofast4yall2014, it's no surprise that these predatory creepers use language in creative ways.It’s not anybody else’s show.” So it was refreshing and his enthusiasm really steered the show. When the directors would come in, a lot of them would say, “Well, you know Greg, I’ve directed ,” but they don’t necessarily have the same pedigree that I do.We can sit and talk about horror movies til five o’clock in the morning.On the show, Hansen and his team pose as underage girls, chatting online with older men, setting up romantic encounters. Here's Hansen and a bunch of cameras to arrest you!But the crazy quotes gets out of these creepy guys provide hours of entertainment, long after each episode has ended.

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