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The organization has survived, and even thrived, because of what Wesley F.

Rennie, its general secretary (chief executive officer) from 1933 to 1947, once called "a genius for adaptation." It has grown with the community and changed with the times, modifying policies and programs to adapt to shifting needs.

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Owned and operated by the Washington State Major League Baseball Stadium Public Facilities District, it is the home stadium of the Seattle Mariners of Major League Baseball (MLB) and has a seating capacity of 47,943 for baseball.

It is located in Seattle's So Do neighborhood, near the western terminus of Interstate 90. During the 1990s, the suitability of the Mariners' original stadium—the Kingdome—as a MLB facility came under doubt, and the team's ownership group threatened to relocate the team.

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The organization was started in Seattle (as in other cities) by a group of young men who turned to each other for support in maintaining their Christian faith, but embedded within their faith was a sense of responsibility for the temporal welfare of their fellow citizens.

s you drive east on Pacific Avenue through Olympia, Desire slowly emerges from behind an elevated, overgrown grass field.

It sits in the middle of a large parking lot in a six-acre plot.

This file -- Part One of a four-part History Link essay on the history of the YMCA -- looks at the organization's early years. When asked to contribute to a fund for a building with a larger gym -- and a swimming pool -- two years later, he flatly refused. "The Association has departed from the purpose for which it was organized, the spiritual uplift of young men, and now you propose to make it a gymnasium and a swimming pool.

"A Genius for Adaptation" The fifteen men who organized the Young Men's Christian Association in the rough-hewn Seattle of 1876 would not recognize and probably would not approve of the YMCA today. If the boys need exercise, let them saw wood, and if they want to swim, let them go into the Bay" (Kilbourne).

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