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At present Joomla contains several components out of the box, many of which are not necessarily needed by the average user.Since these additional CMS components add extra weight to the Joomla package, but aren’t necessarily put to any use, then they serve to make the overall package heavier than it needs to be.Navigate to Site Also check if the extensions and template you use, are compatible with Joomla 3.

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After setting up your multi-language site you simply set the langauge and the text you would like to show for that specific language.You’ll need to replace the old extensions manually later in the process.Upgrading the Joomla 2.5 software itself to Joomla 3.x is a one-click process.So what kind of features can you expect from Joomla 3.4?Joomla 3.4 focuses on 4 main new features, though most average users will only be able to notice 3 of them.Both of these versions were steps to the long-term release of Joomla 2.5, which came out in January 2012. This is very simple part, just install Joomla patch package using Extension Manager, for example use this file: (download from Joomla.org).It will take you less than 3 minutes but can solve many problems with database structure.Tip #3: Most problems on front-end after upgrade from old Joomla into new one are caused by old, poorly written plugins.I suggest to set showing errors in Global Configuration into maximum - to see which one generates error messages and crash layout. This means that there are no new releases planned for Joomla 2.5, as the Joomla project is putting all its efforts in its Joomla 3.3 and upcoming 3.4 series.This CMS series began in January 2011 as Joomla 1.6 and in July 2011, Joomla 1.7 was released. Joomla 3.3.6 is currently the latest stable release of the powerful and flexible CMS. It can fix some problems which were hidden after update addcional extensions.

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