There was a problem validating your software license phpmydirectory

Sanjay kumar: Thank you for confirming., Sanjay kumar: I will be glad to check and assist you, Sanjay kumar: May I please know if the applications was working fine before?Emma Batley: Yes, until a day or so ago - since then I've uninstalled & reinstalled, but no use. Sanjay kumar: Could you please let me know once you re-installed the applications aren't open?: License validation is a procedure of verifying that the software license is valid and being used in accordance with the End User License Agreement.

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We provide support via our help desk and our forums.Note that your algorithm needs a lot more entropy than you're providing it. Instead, use strong randomness: Basically, you generate a strong random key (from here out called the private key), and store it on your server.Then, when generating the license key, you generate a random blob, and then HMAC sign it with the private key, and make the license part of that block. Then, you generate a key (similar to "signing keys" above), but instead of signing it with the HMAC signature, you sign it with a private key.Support response times may vary depending on the complexity of your problem.We also suggest submitting the necessary access details in your original ticket so the issue may be investigated, debugged, and resolved more quickly.The only exception is the volume license customers who may choose to receive the pre-validated software that does not require validation by the end users, for an additional fee.: The license needs to be validated every time you are entering your license key into the program.That way, you don't need to store each individual key. That way, the application (which has the public key) can verify the signature directly without needing to call back to your server.What you are actually looking for is an algorithm like Partial Key Validation See this article for the workings and port it to PHP I understand that the best way is to store in a database, however I am trying to find a way of doing it without storing, in a similar way to how Adobe products can be activated even if they are offline.8B041-EC7D2-0B9E3-09846-E8C71 C8D82-514B9-068BC-8BF80-05061 A18A3-E05E5-7DED7-D09ED-298C4 FB1EC-C9844-B9B20-ADE2F-0858F E9AED-945C8-4BAAA-6938D-713ED 4D284-C5A3B-734DF-09BD6-6A34C EF534-3BAE4-860B5-D3260-1CEF8 D84DB-B8C72-5BDEE-1B4FE-24E90 93AF2-80813-CD66E-E7A5E-BF0AE C3397-93AA3-6239C-28D9F-7A582 D83B8-697C6-58CD1-56F1F-58180 you are hashing a "sortof" random value.without storing it and looking through stored keys you can not know if it was generated by your script.

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