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It is a journey from utter despair to redemption, love and self-acceptance, told with enormous, emotional pop music. The Queen’s Hall Tickets & Information: 01 | Over 14s (Under 16s with an adult) 7pm: Doors open 7.40-8.10pm: 1st artist on stage 8.40-10.30pm: Tom Chaplin Timings are approximate and subject to change This event is for fans only and the following rules are in place to ensure that tickets do not get sold on ensuring fans do not pay a higher price for their tickets.

It has been said that the Disney Studio was built on a mouse, but it all really began with a little girl named Alice.If you’re an eligible young actor worth £42million, you might well worry about gold diggers.But Daniel Radcliffe has little to fear on that front.For the young lady he has been seen with of late is used to a little luxury herself.Olive Uniacke, 19, who was pictured with the Harry Potter actor on his birthday trip to Russia and in London with him, is the stepdaughter of David Heyman, the multi-millionaire producer of the Harry Potter films. Her father, Robie Uniacke, is a renowned figure in London society, who has most recently been dating actress Rosamund Pike. A friend explained: ‘Olive and Dan have known each other a long time, ever since the Harry Potter films started.‘They were close a few years ago but the relationship fizzled out then. And in the last few months they have grown closer again.‘Olive has money in her own right so is certainly not a gold-digger. She has usually gone for bad boys and Dan is quite preppy.’ Miss Uniacke, studied at the prestigious Gordonstoun school in Scotland, where Prince Charles was educated, and at the French Lycee in Kensington, West London, where Madonna’s daughter Lourdes is a pupil. The friend added: ‘Olive is renowned for holding some of the best house parties, really great bashes. She loves to drink champagne, particularly Moet, and she chain-smokes Camel cigarettes.The 1902 film "Les victimes de l'alcoolisme" was the first attempt by the newly formed Pathé company to exploit the burgeoning demand for anti-absinthe and anti-alcohol propaganda."Les Victimes de l'alcool" (1911), a far more sophisticated film, was enthusiastically promoted by the temperance movement and was a huge success for Pathé. S.-made absinthe related motion picture from the pre-ban era, featuring one of the very few filmed versions of absinthe being prepared and consumed.7pm: doors open | 7.40-8.10pm: support TBC | 8.40-10.30pm: Tom Chaplin You may think you know Tom Chaplin.His soaring, emotional voice lay at the centre of Keane, the anthemic, multi-million selling British band who scored 5 number one albums between 20, delivering such unforgettable hits as , a self-penned album revealing the real man behind the songs. Website @tomchaplin Plus £1 transaction fee for entire booking if purchased via telephone, post or online.Optical Toys and Gizmos The Media Resources Center owns a small collection of moving image optical toys and devices which may be borrowed for use in the classroom: zoetropes, thaumatropes, praxinoscopes, phenakistoscope, flip books, moire books, ombres chinoises, camera obscura.Contact Gary Handman, Head of the MRC, to make arrangements for use.

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