Updating primary key db2

In fact, the only real similarity is that you can define each of them on one or more columns in a SQL Server table.

Otherwise, they serve very different purposes and each is governed by its own set of rules.

In this article, I will show you, by way of working examples, how to retrieve useful information from the DB2 UDB system catalog.

Catalog tables are created under the SYSIBM schema, and are stored in the SYSCATSPACE table space.

But I am trapped by the method that without using cursor to achieve it. I have another table B containg 10,000 records of incremented and edited records of A table. I am using the following codes to append data from B to A. Normally, I would try to use a single sql statment -- here, due to the "data being spread all over the place", and being distributed and all. We have a 2 CPU machine where at normal times, the topmost entry in top command shows only .2 or .3 percentage of CPU use. This is on a test database where nothing else is going on concurrently.

A set of catalog tables and views is created whenever a database is created.

The catalog describes the database objects, such as tables, columns, and indexes, and contains information about the types of access that users have to these objects.

The DB2 UDB system catalog (or simply "catalog") consists of a number of tables and views that are maintained by the database manager.

The system catalog describes the logical and physical structure of the data.

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