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and celebrated the work of this season’s biggest stars and nominees.Other stars at the brunch included Anna Chlumsky, Yvette Nicole Brown, Virginia Madsen, and Jurnee Smollett-Bell.[…] Penn will also receive a consultant credit on the project, having previously served as Associate Director in the White House Office of Public Engagement for President Obama.Jean Acker (October 23, 1893 – August 16, 1978) was an American film actress with a career dating from the silent film era through the 1950s.

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When he married Eleanor is not yet known, but it was after 1900 and before the family moved to Lewistown. Six years later, Joseph married Virginia Erb in Lewistown.TV show description: This dramatic series revolves around a well-to-do Boston family.They are reeling in the wake of the chilling discovery that someone in their midst may be a serial killer."For me," said Virginia Madsen, "it's always about evolving and learning to fly." An actress with astonishing range and a touch of timeless glamour, Madsen's talents didn't hit center stage until later in life. A native Chicagoan and the daughter of an Emmy-award winning poet and playwright, Madsen packed in over two decades and 40 TV and film roles with some of the biggest stars in the business before she finally hit her stride with her Academy Award and Golden Globe nominated performance in the film "Sideways." Several films followed suit, including roles in "The Astronaut Farmer" and "A Prairie Home Companion," until her role as Charlotte in Rob Reiner's recently released "The Magic of Belle Isle." Madsen plays a middle-aged woman with two daughters who emotionally shuts down her life until an older man named Monte (Morgan Freeman) moves into the house next door. Their unlikely but uplifting coupling unfolds as both Charlotte and Monte rekindle dormant passions and inspire one another to re-engage in life. "I've always admired her work over the years," said Rob Reiner, who cast her in his latest film "The Magic of Belle Isle." "She's one of those really talented actresses who's done extraordinary work for so many years but just doesn't get the recognition she deserves." Huff/Post50 recently spoke with Madsen about her role in "The Magic of Belle Isle," women in Hollywood, and her own life post 50. Your next sexy getaway is as close as your bathroom shower.Here's a look at the good, the bad, and the slippery — and 11 tips on how to have shower sex that's safe and steamy: 1.You had to fight for your role in "Sideways." How did this role come about? And I was floored again when he said that Morgan Freeman was playing the lead and that I'd be his leading lady. I would have thought that I would've had to fight, but I just got a phone call from my agent saying that Rob Reiner wanted me for his next film. Then Rob said, "I think it's kind of a love story, but you read the script and let me know." I read it and cried like a baby. I can't tell you how grateful I am to have been asked to do this.

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